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Who Will Win the Video War? YouTube or Facebook?

One company is the master of the online video content universe. The other company changed forever the way people interact with each other. One company does just one thing, but does it very well. The other company does a lot of things well and still isn't satisfied it has reached its potential. Now,...Read More >>

Just How Effective Are Facebook Ads?

There is precious little middle ground when it comes to advertiser’s opinions about advertising on Facebook. Many marketers swear by the business-building advertising opportunities offered by the world’s largest social media network, while an equal number are inclined to simply swear at the...Read More >>

How to Leverage Facebook’s Ad Relevance Score to Lower Your Ad Costs

Facebook has finally come up with some good news for social marketers exasperated with declining organic News Feed reach, increased competition for available advertising slots, and sharply rising advertising costs. The new Ad Relevance Score metric is Facebook’s answer to Google’s AdWords...Read More >>

How Facebook’s Place Tips Could Benefit Local SEO

If your local business has been reeling from the loss of organic Facebook Page reach, you may have a chance of getting some of that audience back. Facebook recently introduced Place Tips, a new user opt-in feature that will provide added organic exposure for local businesses with real...Read More >>

Reach More Customers with Facebook Local Awareness Ads

True to its word, Facebook has delivered on its promise to support local business marketers by providing more effective advertising solutions: the Local Awareness ad option. The latest offering from Facebook will enable local business owners to create ads that target users within a designated...Read More >>

Can Facebook’s New Places Directory Replace Google+ Business Pages?

Nineteenth century British philanthropist and educational writer William Edward Hickson is credited with popularizing the proverb “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” Facebook has apparently taken Mr. Hickson’s advice to heart by quietly introducing a revamped version of...Read More >>

How Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads Deliver More Traffic to Your Store

Small businesses with a local market presence have received a much-needed boost to their marketing efforts with the recent introduction of Facebook’s “Local Awareness” advertising program. The new advertising option will allow local businesses to present geo-targeted ads to Facebook users who...Read More >>

The Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook is Not Dead

The wagons have been circled and Facebook appears to be under siege from all quarters. The average reach for organic posts has plummeted to 6 percent, and Facebook appears to be preparing the social media community for the day when organic reach hits zero. Organic reach is simply the number of...Read More >>

The Real Value of Split Testing Your Facebook Ads

More than 80 years ago, legendary advertising copywriter John Caples said that if a business never stops testing its ads, its ads will never stop improving. What was true for the pioneers of print advertising is still true for today’s digital marketers. Testing different approaches by placing...Read More >>

Benefits of Optimizing your Facebook for Mobile Users Nearby

It is tough to deny just how powerful of a tool Facebook has become to companies of any size and within any industry. With over a billion active users, there is a large pool of potential clients that could be only a few clicks away from becoming a permanent customer, but it is not always easy to...Read More >>