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Why a Website Development Agency is the Better Choice for Building Your Website

Published: February 20, 2015

An online presence has become an absolute necessity for practically any business that expects to be a competitive player in today’s digital marketing world. The business website is the foundation of modern marketing strategy regardless of company size or industry served. Customers as well as competitors are active Internet users, and any business without a website is operating at a serious disadvantage and faces an uncertain future in the marketplace.

Choosing the Best Website Developer for Your Particular Situation
Whether you’re contemplating a brand new website design or a redesign of an existing site, you have three basic options for site development and design.

  • Do it yourself. This is the choice of necessity for many small businesses that understand the importance of having an online presence but lack the resources to hire a professional web designer. If you have more time and patience than money, this may be the only way to proceed. There are many free or almost-free website creation options available that you can use to get your business on the Internet. As with most free offers, you’re probably going to get exactly what you pay for – limited design and functionality options, little to no technical support if you get stuck, and considerable difficulties getting your homemade website ranked in the search engines.
  • Hire a freelance web designer. This is next most-affordable option for budget-conscious businesses. With a little research and careful due diligence, you should be able to find a competent and reliable freelancer to build out your website. Low price is the primary benefit of hiring a freelance web designer – minimal overhead means that a freelancer can offer low priced web design solutions. Unfortunately, this also means that they are operating on a shoestring, and won’t have the support staff to fall back on if they need it. Without a solid business structure behind them, your “affordable” freelance web designer may not even be around to help you with updates or problems that may arise in the future.
  • Hire a website development agency. This is arguably the best, and most costly, of the three options available. That being said, by shopping carefully and obtaining written estimates for the exact site options that you need, you should be able to find a professional web developer at a price you can live with.

A Web Development Agency Provides a Wide Range of the Skills You Need
A professional web development company has access to the talent needed to create a truly effective website that will help boost your business profits. From coders and graphic designers to conversion specialists and SEO experts, a web development agency can bring an experienced and knowledgeable team together to create a truly customized, hard-selling website that meets your exact needs.

A Web Development Agency Offers Ongoing Support
A reputable web development agency has the support staff to help you with the problems and issues that will inevitably come up while your site is being built as well as after your site is launched. Many agencies offer complementary services such as SEO, pay-per-click campaign management, and social media marketing that can help boost your overall marketing results.

A Web Development Agency Offers a Broad Base of Experience
The accumulated knowledge and insight gained from solving website design problems across a variety of industries and niches can be brought to bear on your website design issues. A typical web development agency has the broad-based experience necessary to recommend the most effective and affordable solutions based on a solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t work.


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