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Clean and Inspired – We Love the New Instagram

Published: May 12, 2016

we love the new instagram look

While we always hold a place in our hearts for the nostalgia that is the original Insta-icon: a brown and rainbow camera, there is something to be said for the new. And that “new” is a beauty inside and out.New instalook is bright and modern


The new Instagram look was not a whim decision, but a modern thought process based on the idea that your branding should reflect who you and your audience. Insta-officials were of a mind that the growing community of Instagram was not reflected in the dark vintage brown, rainbow icon of days old. The new icon does have homage to the original; it honors the rainbow pattern, the camera, and the viewfinder that most people associate with the insta-icon. All these items have simply been cleaned up and reinterpreted in a fresh and colorful light.


The inside of Instagram has a clean, white, and contemporary take to it. Eliminating unnecessary darkness and lines really makes pictures pop before posting. It truly is a great clean look that while unfamiliar at first, we believe users will come to truly appreciate.

Curious to learn more about the latest look? Check out this near 1 minute video Instagram has shared (which also happens to be within the new video length for insta-videos…yes we’re loving these updates!)


And while we are full-heartedly embracing this update it seems as if some people are just not sure if this new look is for them.


Yet, there has always been negative reactions from social media changes. When Facebook added timelines, cover photos, moved profile picture’s, etc. All these changes came with outraged individuals who could “never get used to the new changes” and threatened to boycott Facebook! It would come as no surprise if asked today that those naysayers have no memory of how Facebook used to be as they finally learned to accept change.

We believe it will be the same for Instagram as users slowly become accustomed to this latest update.


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