Custom Web Analytics Services

In today’s digital landscape, analyzing data, and all data not just Big Data, is one of the most challenging tasks that marketers and businesses alike are dealing with.

You need a team of analytics experts to answer these questions:

  • Is our data accurate?
  • Are we looking at the right data sets?
  • How can we take this data and provide measurable business recommendations to improve current campaign initiatives?

These analytics have become so complex that if your analytics team isn’t providing data-driven insights to propel new business initiatives forward you are missing out on new opportunities.



Actionable Data Means Measurable Results


One of the most important initial tasks is confirming the data being analyzed is accurate by properly configuring universal Google Analytics, e-commerce analytics (essential if you are selling products online), the company CRM integration, unique call and conversion tracking, all analytic softwares and then verifying this data in the setup phase prior to driving traffic to the site.


Digital EYE Media has dedicated people on our team with the sole business function to review, manage and make actionable recommendations based on website and campaign analytics.


Insightful Data Informs Intelligent Decision Making

We take the data we have observed and then implement data-driven strategies and solutions to create quantifiable improvements.

Acting on data and removing emotion out of the equation to determine what actions should or shouldn’t be taken is part of our process to achieving success and making sure everyone is on the same page. This will positively improve user experience, increase page ranking, site traffic and all-in-all show a measurable increase in online profits.


Measuring marketing campaigns can be a challenge


Having an analytics and reporting dashboard to review together in monthly meetings is crucial to effective client communication.

We use our reporting dashboard and discuss attribution modeling to determine what referral sources are driving the most targeted traffic that is converting into new clients.  Whether it is Google AdWords, organic website traffic, Facebook, Twitter, or other offline marketing initiatives, there are key metrics that can be tracked.

This analysis allows us to continue to develop an audience quality score on the different web, social and offline channels to pivot strategies based on campaign results. We need to analyze these results to ensure we consistently improve campaign engagement and drive new clients or sales on a month-over-month basis.


Our Website Analytics Services Include:

  • Web Analytics Strategy & Consultation
  • Comprehensive Google Analytics Audit
  • Web Analytics Account Management
  • Recommendations for Improving Site Metrics
  • Usability Analytics & Reporting including: heat maps, click maps & eye-tracking
  • Tag Management System Implementation

Digital EYE and Your Website Analytics Goals

Are you seizing, appropriating and commandeering every opportunity? In business, taking advantage of missed opportunities and overcoming challenges is a savvy way to increase profitability. However, not everyone can identify these prospects in the technical web-verse.

Our experts are different in the sense that we are deeply rooted in the analytics of each client campaign, but instead of reporting on every granular detail we provide reports for your business with actionable takeaways from our analysis to help you make better business decisions both online and offline.

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