Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

  • Your corporate team has no shortage of creative ideas, but you can’t seem to find the best way to connect with your customers or provide them with a browsing experience that leaves a lasting impression.
  • Your website doesn’t demonstrate the prowess of your own products or services.
  • You’re struggling with optimizing ROI and identifying market differentiation

Working with an inbound marketing agency- we take into account your top organizational goals, whether that means generating more lead, driving traffic to your website or blog, establishing an online presence, improving brand reputation or something else. We make every design decision with your specific goals in mind.


Are You Missing Out On Important Digital Opportunities?


Digital EYE offers an objective digital strategy consultation to help you optimize your company’s digital marketing ecosystem.


Our team works with you to identify opportunities for performance improvement and cost-savings. We do this by using a unique combination of our digital strategy audit, our on-page OAR audit,
and a competitor analysis report which grades the strength of leading competitor websites.



Our Digital Strategy Audit Process

Digital EYE starts by conducting a strategic audit to assess your business goals and current digital assets. This is done alongside a full on-page audit in which our team assess the optimization items on your website. As part of a strategic marketing campaign, we also ensure that your website is fully optimized before we begin to drive traffic to it.

A full digital strategy audit from Digital EYE Media also includes several micro audits as part of your overall digital Marketing campaign including:

  • Search Engine Optimization (OAR)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Audit
  • Email Marketing Audit
  • Content Marketing Audit
  • Link Profile Analysis
  • Social Media Audit

Once we tap into what successful competitors are doing well, our team of creative experts put their heads together and begin developing strategies and tactics around creating a digital strategy plan that knocks the competition out of the water.

Digital EYE Mobile App Solutions Include:


Our Digital EYE Mobile App solutions include our digital strategy via:

  • Competitive Site Audits & Actionable Digital Strategy Reports
  • The Digital EYE Advantage


We work with you company to identify your site’s deficiencies and provide specific guidelines for capitalizing on available opportunities.


Optimize ROI and save more money with a useful Digital Strategy Audit today!

Ready to Dominate Digitally

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    Superior Search Services
    Search Engine

    Gain visibility at the top of the search engines, such as Google or Bing, using paid advertising to start sending new visitors to your business’s site right away.

    Search Engine

    We use proven strategies to create and optimize high quality content, resulting in greater visibility in the search engines and more organic traffic to your website.

    App Development

    Leverage your customer’s connection to their mobile phone as a way to deliver a personal experience and develop relationships with friends, family and businesses’.

    Social Media

    In this social-centric world, we utilize social media platforms and the power of influencers to target and connect with your ideal customers online in a compelling way.