Increase Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies to Grow Online Revenue

Are you receiving website traffic, but minimal new leads or sales? Maybe you’re struggling with an underperforming website or sinking more money into marketing campaigns that aren’t generating measurable results.

Digital EYE Media is continuously working to improve your website’s conversion rate and sales to increase ROI from your online business. Through in-depth analysis, optimization and split testing, we help uncover hidden opportunities to improve conversions, enhance lead quality, and increase revenue.


Find Out How We Turn Your Website Into a Sales Powerhouse


Our conversion rate experts employ a variety of disciplines to identify which parts of your sales funnel needs strengthening or reworking. We take our proven process and customize strategies of implementation based on the unique goals of your organization.


Our philosophy is that increasing conversion rates to improve campaign results is at the heart of every successful digital marketing campaign. While many agencies focus on just starting new SEO or paid search initiatives to drive traffic to your site in order to generate more sales, the Digital Eye Media approach is different. A major part of our digital strategy audit is determining whether or not your website and marketing landing pages need to be redesigned in an effort to improve conversion.


We believe there is no sense in spending advertising dollars to drive traffic to a website or landing page that is not going to convert visitors when they get there. It doesn’t matter how many visitors you have if those visitors aren’t converting into new clients. That is why the next step after our digital strategy audit and discovery processes is to redesign your website and landing pages in an effort to improve conversion rate optimization.


Our Optimization Method

We take several factors into consideration when we analyze your site and conduct a conversion audit. We want to identify buyer personas and understand the psychology of each target market we are sending to the site. We look at what type of content are they looking for? What types or products do they want to purchase or types of services are they seeking to invest in? What types of imagery or messaging would resonate best with each buyer segment? What actions do we want them to perform whether it’s lead capture or purchase intent driven?

We need to understand the answers to these questions so we make it as compelling and easy as possible for our
prospects to perform the actions we want them to take.

The conversion rate optimization experts at Digital Eye Media will help effectively answer these questions to create assumptions for us to begin to test and identify specifically what your customers are looking for from your brand.

Proven CRO Practices from Digital EYE Media Include:

  • Heat Maps
  • EYE Tracking
  • A/B Testing
  • User Group Testing
  • Multivariate Testing

Digital EYE’s Conversion Rate Optimization Services


  • Web Analytics Services – This insightful analysis identifies site issues that could include an improper or lack of SEO structure, flawed design, technical errors, functionality issues, and weak content. Our service is designed to pinpoint these flaws and provide detailed options to help find the best solution.


  • Usability Testing Services – Are you seeing things from the user’s perspective? This is a great way to collect real life data that details what works and most importantly, what doesn’t so that it can be improved! This unique service will improve the intuitive flow and functionality of your site.


  • Site Testing Services – This includes a series of split testing initiatives around A/B and multivariate testing. These testing strategies help identify current weak spots and new opportunities to determine best performers in split testing segments. We use a series of tools and softwares to help determine best performing conversion metrics. Once a winner is determined in a split test it is used as a control design in the next split test segment to test variations against. This important service is invaluable as it instantly measures consumer feedback.

Optimization and Tracking Services

  • Landing Page Optimization – Research has shown that having a specific landing page incurs a conversion rate of 50% more using consumer action as compared to a traditional web page. It is a singular call-to-action that requires a minimalist approach if it’s to be successful.
  • E-Commerce Conversion Optimization – There are a variety of factors that drive web page visitors to become buyers. Some of these important factors consist of strong imagery, detailed product descriptions, discounted or free shipping incentives, social proof through product reviews and minimal requirements to checkout.
  • Heat Map and Click Tracking – We use innovative heat map and click tracking softwares as a way to track consumer behavior on your site. Our exceptional strategists in consumer behavior are able to use these heat map and click-tracking tools to extrapolate important details that will show how to better optimize your site to drive consumer behavior and correct weak spots.



The Digital EYE Difference – Intelligent Design that Benefits YOUR Company


  • Improved Website Design from our Expert Designers
  • Full Conversion and Optimization
  • Improved Website Usability
  • Analytics and Monitoring


Conversion Rate Optimization essentially comes down to getting more of the right target customer. We work closely with your company to create a customized
solution that works for you. Once we have outlined solid, measurable goals together, we put the plan into action.

But Digital Eye doesn’t stop there…

We’re in this for the long haul because your success is our success. We’re continuously tracking analytics, keeping up with trends and changing consumer behaviors.

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