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TrueView Shoppable Video Ads on YouTube Make It Easier to Monetize on Consumer Micro-Moments

Published: October 9, 2015

More and more, consumers turn to their devices in an effort to learn more, make a decision or purchase a product – and you’re probably one of those people. To bridge the gap between the moment a person watches a video and the moment they decide to make a purchase, also knows as micro-moments, Google has introduced a new feature called TrueView for shopping, making it even more simple for users to get information about your products and click to buy.

Google unveils TrueView for shopping – YouTube’s new shoppable ads program

In their effort to make the buying process easier for the customer, the innovators at YouTube have designed a Shoppable Ads program that offers viewers a way to buy directly from the product review or service video. The ad will be easy to see as it appears as a smaller-sized icon on the right-hand side of the video page, at the top. When the customer clicks on the icon they will be given additional info about the product along with any relevant pricing information from the retailer. Once the icon is clicked, the viewer is taken to the site to make their final purchase.

Helping Customers and Businesses

Diya Jolly, a director of product management at Google says that there are “creators uploading content on YouTube that actually helps users do research about products”. Jolly says that incorporating the option-to-buy will ensure that their shopping decisions is made simpler. Adweek: (n.d.). Retrieved October 6, 2015,

Selling on Social Media: YouTube

When it comes to selling on social media sites, many businesses are struggling, and the process is not that simple. However, YouTube aims to simplify the entire procedure, gaining a tremendous potential for advertising money in their own pocket. Not only does the new click option allow users to buy the product quickly, but it keeps the viewer from navigating away from YouTube; a win-win scenario for the business, customer, and YouTube.

They key to attaining a balance, one that ensure viewers (customers) are not irritated by a plethora of product offers on YouTube, is yet to be determined.

Because product views for review videos are on the rise, nearly 45%, the need to implement this time-saving (and money-making) process is crucial and beneficial for all parties involved.

Jolly says that in addition to these useful product reviews, business brands might decide to indulge in other video campaigns, including how-tos and tutorials. Shopping ads are auctioned on YouTube, and this is similar the same process used by Google search. The auction is all based on a host of signals, such as content and relevance to viewers. All YouTube Ads will be first tested, and then the Ads will be made available to advertisers for use on their AdWords accounts. Advertisers will only be required to pay for the Ads on YouTube if the user clicks on them.

Other Online Video Sites to Follow…

Much like the new Shoppable Videos from YouTube, Google will be using online video streaming portal with the intention to promote apps to mobile customers. Mobile users on YouTube are going to be noticing a lot more apps promotions as well in the near future.

These shoppable videos are the result of a number of modifications and innovations developed by marketers at YouTube, and these changes made by YouTube have begun to unveil over the past several months. The shoppable videos platform is designed with a card-based system and it is the extension of the current TrueView format for shopping that YouTube currently already has in place.

To begin, advertisers will use the YouTube shopping ads via Google. They will only need to link their merchant feed with product or service ads to show up alongside of a YouTube video.

New shoppable videos will provide a revenue opportunities that did not exist before; allowing them to monetize on videos that are product-based.

With the new addition of Buying Videos Directly from YouTube, businesses have a great opportunity to generate even more profit from their digital marketing efforts.

Needless to say, if you’re selling products and using YouTube, it’s imperative to begin planning your new campaigns. In order to stay current with the competition and keep up with new technologies, you’ll want to begin or rev-up your YouTube digital marketing schemes in the near future.

No matter which features are added to the Shopping ads currently on YouTube, retailers and creators alike stand to benefit fro the newest changes. Should these new formatting techniques become successful, brands will want to devote more advertising funds to YouTube.


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