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Will Facebook’s Revised News Feed Ad Policy Alienate Users?

Facebook seems to be running hot on the heels of Google when it comes to the frequency of updates. Just when digital marketers thought it was safe to relax for a minute, Facebook announced a major change to its News Feed ad product that will have advertisers scrambling to re-think their Facebook ad...Read More >>

Is Your Social Media Strategy Discouraging Potential Customers?

In some ways, social media resembles the traditional art of public relations. Both strategies are designed primarily to create a sense of trust and friendship with the consumer, helping to ensure that your company will be the preferred choice for doing business with. This means engaging in genuine...Read More >>

Why You Need Google Plus in Your Marketing Mix

Despite the fact that Google is absolutely crushing the search engine industry with its 67 percent market share, its social media offspring, Google+, is feeling precious little love from the digital marketing community. While many webmasters are rejoicing in Google’s struggles to carve out a...Read More >>

How to Make Your Company Stand Out on Social Media

If you're struggling to separate your company from the competition, social media can help, but you still need to know how to stand out on social media. When your company needs some additional exposure, there are numerous options in social media to help your company stand out. Here are a few...Read More >>

Boost Your Online Presence with Links to Your Social Media Profiles

One of the best methods of improving your search engine rankings is to build quality links to your website from authority third-party sites and blogs. The higher the authority and relevance of the site being linked from, the more rank-building link juice will pass through to your site. The same...Read More >>

Why Social Media Mentions are Unlikely to Replace Link Building

To the casual observer, it looks like social media mentions are on track to replace back linking as the primary means of ranking websites, but there’s a little more to ‘the sky is falling’ headline than meets the eye. On the one hand, Google is shutting down or degrading the importance of...Read More >>

How the Right to be Forgotten Ruling Affects Negative Online Reputations

A recent decision issued by the European Court of Human Justice, the European Union’s highest judicial body, decreed that Google must honor certain ‘right to be forgotten’ requests. Under this doctrine, irrelevant and outdated information about individuals will be removed from search engine...Read More >>

How to Get Your Social Media Followers to Create Content for Your Brand

Content is a way of engaging your audience and getting them interested in purchasing your product or service. On your social media site, it's imperative to keep your social media followers engaged because they will be advocates of your product through content creation and other forms of evangelism....Read More >>

Why Every Local Business Needs a Social Media Presence

Like the old-school practice of public relations, social media marketing is not just another direct sales tactic, but rather a means of first building a positive rapport for your brand among prospective customers that will in turn lead to increased sales. Local businesses of every size and...Read More >>

How to Find Influencers in Your Industry

Influencers can help to sell your products and services faster than any other person in the industry. If you want to sell your products and services easily, you must always identify the influencers early in the sales cycle. Here are some suggestions for finding your key market...Read More >>