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Can Ello Survive Without Ad Money?

Just in case you missed the buzz, Ello is the latest social media upstart to hit the Internet, and its claim to fame is every bit as perplexing as it is promising: Ello doesn’t accept advertising and it won’t sell user data. Exactly how, you might be wondering, does Ello plan to keep its...Read More >>

Improving Your Customer Service Through Social Media

The average consumer spends more 3 hours a day with at least one social media network, and businesses are increasingly viewing social media as one of the most effective vehicles to “get in front of where the customers are.” Marketers of every size and description are using social media to stay...Read More >>

Ghoulish Social Media Mistakes that Scare Away Fans

Hallows’ Eve (Halloween) – a time to break out the apple cider, lay in a stock of tasty snacks for the little goblins, and prepare to celebrate the return of the Great Pumpkin. As you steel yourself to face a night of unthinkable terror, make sure that common social media marketing mistakes...Read More >>

How to Engage Your Audience for Maximum Effect

Mass communications channels like the Internet and social media networks enable you to present your message to hundreds or even thousands of people at a time. But as any college professor who has had to lecture over the distracting buzz of a snoring student can tell you, you can’t touch the...Read More >>

Is Ello the Facebook Killer or Just a Case of Wishful Thinking?

It’s been dubbed the Facebook Killer, and while it may be an interesting concept, it wouldn’t be the first or the last good idea to collapse due to the lack of a sustainable business model. Meet Ello, a new social media platform launched in March 2014 that has slowly been picking up steam...Read More >>

Why Your Facebook Likes are Basically Worthless

Let’s face it – Facebook may not be dead but it sure isn’t healthy. The average reach for organic posts has plummeted to somewhere south of 6 percent, and by Facebook’s own admission an estimated 11.2 percent of all Facebook accounts have been faked. While no figures seem to exist for the...Read More >>

Increase Your Website Traffic with Social Media

Attracting targeted traffic to your website doesn’t begin or end with Google. While there’s nothing wrong with either organic or pay-per-click traffic, you need to diversify your sources so that a disruption and loss of traffic from any one channel will not devastate your company. In other...Read More >>

Improving Your Facebook News Feed Performance

Social media watchers have reported it and Facebook is finally talking about it: the average reach of organic posts has declined to about 6 percent; reach is defined as the number of unique Facebook users who see your updates. This means that only 6 out of every 100 fans will ever see your organic...Read More >>

Improve Your Social Media Marketing with Twitter’s New Analytics Dashboard

A recent upgrade to Twitter’s analytics platform will provide social media marketers with an expanded view of the performance metrics of their organic tweets. Twitter advertisers, verified users, and Twitter Card publishers will now be able to view statistics on the number of times each tweet is...Read More >>

The 3 Faces of Social Media The Good The Bad The Ugly

It’s hard to believe that just 10 years ago Facebook and Twitter didn’t even exist. Kids today equate a world without social media to living in the Stone Age, probably in the same way that people of an earlier generation couldn’t imagine life without television. Despite its phenomenal...Read More >>