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Three Social Media Posting Mistakes That Can Cause a PR Disaster

Social media posting mistakes can and do happen – to experienced communicators as well as to newly-minted social interns. Many of these oversights and outright errors in judgment can be handled with a minimum of fuss and little or no long-term damage. Some bloopers, however, can be absolutely...Read More >>

The Importance of A CEO to Social Media Marketing

The majority of consumers quite correctly identify the CEO as the highest authority in an organization, and they expect the “big boss” to take an active role in representing the company through social media. Consumers really don’t care how busy the CEO might be in managing the business –...Read More >>

The Role of Social Signals in Search Engine Ranking

While social signals such as shares, likes, and retweets do not directly influence the search engine algorithm, that doesn’t mean that social media activities have no impact on your search engine rankings. Confused? Blame it on Google. As far back as 2010, Google has been telling webmasters...Read More >>

How to be Successful on Tumblr

Initially most experts wrote off Tumblr based on the fact that its numbers did not seem as astronomically impactful as the ones posted by biggies like Facebook and Twitter. But over the years it has grown to become a major player in the social space by pioneering “microblogging.” 50 million...Read More >>

How to Enhance Your Content Marketing with Social Media

Social media is all about sharing valuable and relevant content with followers and fans, so it makes perfect sense to include social media marketing in your content promotion plans. Consumers on average spend more than 25 percent of their online time with social media, which makes them a highly...Read More >>

5 Critical Elements of Every Successful Social Media Campaign

Social media is an important component of your company’s marketing program. It helps you build and maintain relationships with current and future customers, enhances your customer service, and provides valuable social links that can help boost your search engine rankings. While an effective...Read More >>

How to Use Social Media to Market an Event

Before social media, event planners and organizations would mail out flyers or newsletters advertising an upcoming event. Although these are still common tactics for event marketing, most event planners turn to social media when they need to build awareness of an upcoming event. Social media has...Read More >>

How to Add Real-Time Event Marketing to Your Social Media Plan

Think back to 2013’s Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. A dazzling halftime show led by Beyoncé and her special guests Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams has whipped the stadium crowd and the home viewing audience into a frenzy of delight. As the last notes of the...Read More >>

How Social Media Affects Search Engine Rankings

When Google spokesperson Matt Cutts says that social signals are not part of Google’s search engine ranking algorithm, you have to take his words with a grain of salt. Not that I believe Cutts would intentionally lie about the impact of social media, but he is such an accomplished wordsmith and...Read More >>

Why Social Media May Not be a Good Fit for Your Business

With so many things going for it, social media seems like the perfect marketing tool for practically any business. After all, social media has been proven to boost search engine rankings, drive visitor traffic to websites, and improve customer relations – all in addition to building trust and...Read More >>