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15 Creative Strategies For Using Instagram To Turbocharge Your Branding

Established as a fun way to share pictures between friends, Instagram is so much more! Whether you're posting on your iPhone or any smartphone, Instagram is a great source for continuous branding lead generation opportunities throughout the country and worldwide. 1. Profile Picture: You'll need...Read More >>

How to Use Facebook Author Meta Tags to Connect Readers with Your Brand

In recent months, Facebook has implemented a number of new features to boost user engagement with businesses and brands. In early 2015, Facebook's new "Call to Action" feature debuted, boosting user engagement through simple yet persuasive new buttons. This month, Facebook unveiled another...Read More >>

15 Sizzling Hot Power Tips That Will Rock Your Social Media Marketing

Much like Google, social media networks tend to be in a constant state of evolution – and like to keep social users as well as marketers in the dark as much as possible. For example, a study released by MIT's Center for Civic Media found that 62.5 percent of users surveyed were not aware that...Read More >>

Google Places and Your Website Ranking: What You Need to Know

Learning how to manipulate and control your website's placement through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing has become an important part of operating a business online. Without understanding how to effectively get to potential customers, you are putting your company at a competitive...Read More >>

14 Common Misconceptions About Social Media From a Business Marketing Perspective

For most companies, marketing over social networks is a fairly new concept. It's not that they are late to the party, it's usually just a matter of many business owners remaining cautious until they can gain a better understanding of how marketing on social media sites works and what type of...Read More >>

How Social Shopping is Changing the E-commerce Landscape

Over the last few years, e-commerce retailers have brought fun and convenience to the way people shop. The need to jump in the car and head out to brick-and-mortar stores has been replaced by consumers who simply pull out their mobile devices, locate their favorite e-commerce website or app to make...Read More >>

The 6 Best Online Sources for Free Stock Images

Images are critically important to the success of your website and social media posting. A single photo can tell a story much faster and more effectively than an entire page of text. Ninety percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, which processes those visuals 60,000 times...Read More >>

Why Your Small Business Needs to Build a Community on Facebook

In view of the fact that the organic (free) reach of Facebook posts has dropped dramatically – below 10 percent in some cases – many small business marketers are questioning the wisdom of continuing to devote time and resources to promote their business on Facebook and getting so little in...Read More >>

Will Instagram’s New Clickable Carousel Ads Increase Click-Through Rates?

In an apparent response to growing demand from advertisers, Instagram has recently begun to allow clickable ads within its new multi-photo carousel ad product. Instagram has never allowed the use of clickable ads until now, preferring that members of its popular social photo and video sharing...Read More >>

How to Find a Social Media Voice for Your Small Business

One of the biggest reasons why so many companies, especially small-to-medium-sized businesses, fail to make a success of social media marketing is their lack of a clearly defined and recognizable voice in communicating with their intended audience. Active social media users seek socializing...Read More >>