Maintaining a positive reputation online is critical to the success of your organization.

Today, more and more individual consumers or potential prospects in both the B2B and B2C space are doing a significant amount of research on their own. They are reading information, analyzing the top competitors in the space and comparing prices before they make an initial point of contact with anyone in your organization or make a purchase online.

In fact 60% of the customers that reach out to you via phone call or form submission have already made a determination of whether or not they are going to work with you before they make an initial point of contact due to this in depth research.


How Reputation Management Services Can Help You

As an organization, you need to take control and help promote a positive online reputation through your happiest customers and brand evangelists before you find yourself playing catch up to deal with the few negative online reviews your company might face at a later time. Most companies understand they should be doing this, but don’t act on building positive content about their brand until they have a negative online reputation management problem on their hands.

The Digital Eye Philosophy is that if you are able to build tens or hundreds of positive reviews now by simply asking your happy customers leave positive reviews or testimonials about your brand then dealing with any potential negative reviews at a later date will be much more manageable. The problem is many companies are waiting until they have a negative online reputation management issue to be proactive about building a positive, reputable brand online…

Digital EYE takes this proactive approach by working with companies to give them the power to control the information available about their brand online. We help implement a new philosophy of promoting positive mentions about your brand from current clients. We then integrate proven SEO techniques and targeted content tactics to ensure this positive content is seen by people researching your company.


Bouncing Back From a Suffering Online Reputation

Your online presence in now more dynamic than it ever has been before. Your customers have the opportunity to engage with you and interact with your brand at any time. One negative comment can really impact your reputation, so timely responses to dissatisfied customers are imperative. The absolute worst response to a negative review is no response.

Our experts will design custom responses and methods for your business to utilize. Negative reviews must be handled delicately, with extreme care and thoughtfulness. While you may not repair your relationship with that one negative reviewer, your responses are being viewed by thousands of other readers who are researching your profile so tactfulness is key.

Reputation Management Services for Social Media

Companies that are doing business online need to have a prominent social media presence in order to increase awareness, fans and customers.

Digital EYE Media works with your organization closely to guide and assist you with your social media presence. We’ll keep your brand relevant by implementing proven reputation management tools and strategies to help create, optimize and deliver your business’s positive message to your online prospects.

Our Social Media Reputation Management Services Include:

  • Social media profile audits
  • Innovative Software to track positive and negative brand mentions as well as competitor and keyword mentions
  • Management and analysis of comments or reviews
  • Optimization of Social Media profiles

While our services extend to repairing online reputations that might have been damaged, we highly recommend that every business use online reputation management services be used primarily as a preventative measure. Think proactively and call us for a consultation today.

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