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From custom design and development, to store implementation and product integration, our team specializes in servicing E-commerce web stores across multiple platforms to create a seamless user experience for your customers. Our full service approach to E-commerce website design ensures your overall long-term success.

Our integration capabilities include:

  • Product Inventory
  • Customer Lists and Segmentation
  • POS and ERP systems
  • Back-end Fulfillment
  • Taxes and Invoicing
  • Safe and Secure Checkout

Your Ecommerce Success is What Our Business is Built On


Our innovative team is focused on building websites that are extremely unique and designed to convert visitors into customers. Digital EYE E-commerce specialists focus on understanding your company’s specific needs in order for us to develop and effective strategy to meet or surpass company goals.


Our E-commerce solutions provide a seamless extension of your existing sales and fulfillment systems including

  • Securely integrated payment processing
  • Mapping product categories and subcategories
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Immersive presentation and intuitive navigation features
  • Integrated taxes and shipping
  • Automated account creation
  • E-mail notification systems
  • Updates to internal inventory levels and price data

E-commerce Product Pages Your Customers Demand

The design of your product pages has a direct impact on sales so it’s important that you are providing visitors all of the product information in a visually appealing way so they can make an effective buying decision. It should be easy for visitors to navigate your site and view different products creating a fast yet enjoyable shopping experience.

When your inventory is not accurate or isn’t represented accurately in product images, it causes a big frustration for your customers.

Because online shopping means forgoing seeing or trying it on in person the product in person for the convenience of purchasing at home or on-the-go, consumers value product and lifestyle imagery that entail all details, angles, and size guides.



Strategic Designing

Customers identify with images within seconds and utilizing professional photography on your product pages is the best way to capture the true essence of your corporate brand and products.

Brightly lit photos that show detail and true to life color create a better customer experience. Especially when the product arrives and matches customer expectations.

Digital EYE employs modern usability techniques to ensure customers have a simple and effortless shopping experience making it easy to complete the purchasing process.

Our creative design team doesn’t stop until we can confidently say that your website design is the most compelling website design when compared to any competitors in your industry.



We Keep Your E-commerce Website Safe and Secure

Web security is a big concern for online shoppers for a variety of reasons.
The stories about corporate websites being hacked and private data breaches are becoming more prevalent.
Not having a safe and secure website can lead to catastrophic damages for your company’s online reputation.

Our team knows the importance of managing a secure E-commerce website. From secure customer data management to PCI compliance scans, we make sure to cover all of the bases.


Our security features also include:

  • Customer Password Encryption
  • SSL Certificates

Let us guide you through the process of getting a digital certificate to prove your sites authenticity as well as an encrypted connection to protective you and your clients sensitive data.


Mobile-friendly E-commerce Solutions

Failing to optimize your site for mobile devices is not only a rookie mistake, it’s potentially a decision that can ruin your business’s online presence in its entirety.

Google reported that 2015 is the first year in which the number of mobile searches has surpassed the number of desktop searches.

More and more customers are researching new product offerings and completing their shopping experiences from both their desktops and mobile devices.

With smaller screens and less real estate for your online placement, standing out in the mobile space is and will continue to become more competitive.

At Digital EYE Media, we have a mobile first mindset and know that in order to have sustainable E-commerce success in the future for our clients the battles are going to be won and lost with mobile.



Boost Your Mobile Presence for Maximum ROI

The customer purchasing process isn’t limited to a single device anymore.

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices throughout the consideration process before making purchases. But they’re not just using mobile devices to research products and services, they’re converting on them as well.

With the addition of wearables to the repertoire of mobile devices and the accelerating rate at which m-Commerce is growing, E-commerce leading websites are continuing to emphasize the importance of optimizing the user experience and purchasing process on all mobile devices.


Why Partner With Digital EYE?

Backing your business with the right answer whether it’s an enterprise level or smaller start up solution to meet and exceed the needs of your customers is what makes the most sense, and that’s what our team delivers.

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