DigitalEYE Media – Agency Overview

Digital EYE Media is a full-service, digital marketing agency, fueling creative innovation and connected experiences for results-driven companies and brands.

And we don’t stop there!

Gain visibility at the top of the search engines, such as Google or Bing, using paid advertising to start sending new visitors to your business’s site right away.


We use proven strategies to create and optimize high quality content, resulting in greater visibility in the search engines and more organic traffic to your website.


Leverage your customer’s connection to their mobile phone as a way to deliver a personal experience and develop relationships with friends, family and businesses’.


In this social-centric world, we utilize social media platforms and the power of influencers to target and connect with your ideal customers online in a compelling way.


From removing negative results off the search engines, to developing and promoting positive reviews, we proactively manage and monitor your brands’ online reputation.

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With industry leading and creative web design coupled with a back end that is easier for your team to update than typing in a word doc, we create compelling and fully custom website solutions.


Using research to create valuable, relevant, and unique content to educate individuals and drive organic traffic to your website as a segment of the SEO campaign.


Each company is unique in its own way and our job as marketers is to help your company tell a compelling story that emotionally connects individuals to your brand.


Video is the number one shared medium online, a compelling way to illustrate your message and a vital element of any business’ marketing strategy.


Custom and creative photography is one of the most important parts of illustrating your brand identity, marketing messaging and increasing social media engagement.


Providing quality content and unique offers through targeted email marketing is important for customer acquisition and even more important for customer retention.


Tracking and analyzing user behavior and conversions allow us to accurately report on campaign success to do more of what’s working then exponentially grow results.


We lead interactive client discussions and review all digital campaigns to assess goals, process and results to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.


By optimizing sales or service landing pages, web designs and paid ads, we are able to increase the number of visitors converting and completing your desired actions.

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Receive guidance creating compelling lifestyle and product imagery, optimizing product and style guide pages then increasing visibility in a competitive market.


A Leader in Gartner's 2015 Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals, use Liferay to build modern websites and portals to engage customers, partners and employees.


Our Culture

We’re ambitious and collaborative innovators, adrenaline-chasing experience makers and creative risk takers. We thrive at the center of change and flourish through our on-going commitment to solve your problems and exceed your expectations.

While our team may be composed of a group of fun individuals, don't let that fool you. We equally hold ourselves to a high professional standard. We believe in thorough, professional and timely results.

Located in the heart of Orange County, our scenic Newport Beach headquarters perfectly complements our fun team of expert, digital masterminds.

Our Vision


Others Look. We SEE.

Quantifiable results. Tailored solutions. Polished and professionally composed content. We design custom solutions to fit your unique needs. Whether you want the complete Digital Eye experience or have a specific project in mind, our creative team drives results.

We know there is no single solution that works for everyone. That is why Digital Eye is determined to take the time and really listen to what you want and make recommendations to meet those needs.



Our Process


1. Insightful Discovery

2. Digital Campaign Audit to Identify Opportunities

3. Develop Game-Changing Strategies

4. Industry-Leading Execution

5. Continuous Enhacement and Innovation