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Can Vurbs Deck of Cards Trump Google’s Hand?

Vurb’s recent app launch is a dagger pointed straight at the heart of what many observers in the tech community believe to be Google’s biggest weakness in the mobile arena: it’s all-powerful search functionality is essentially build around lists of web results that make navigation a real...Read More >>

The 6 Best Online Sources for Free Stock Images

Images are critically important to the success of your website and social media posting. A single photo can tell a story much faster and more effectively than an entire page of text. Ninety percent of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, which processes those visuals 60,000 times...Read More >>

How to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority

It’s no secret that Google’s unrelenting flood of search ranking algorithm updates is making SEO harder and harder to implement. Google rolls out approximately 600 of these rule-changing updates each year, which works out to 1.6 per day. To put it simply, the SEO technique that was perfectly...Read More >>

3 Tips for Generating Newsworthy Content Ideas

Just about anybody with even the most basic writing skills and a little patience can write at least one press release or article. It’s not too difficult to write about a subject that you know well, especially if it’s about your own company and products – or perhaps those of a client. With a...Read More >>

Taming Google’s Pigeon: How to Prosper with Local SEO

Google’s Pigeon algorithm update swooped down on the digital marketing community in July of 2014 to mixed reviews from local marketers. According to a Search Engine Land study of more than 600 local SEO practitioners and business owners, 37 percent reported having lost traffic following the...Read More >>

Should you Bid on Keyword Modifiers?

In this day and age of online marketing activity, it isn't enough to simply implement a marketing program that includes pay-per-click and sponsored advertising. It is just as important to find ways to actively manage that advertising campaign. If a company ignores opportunities to manage its...Read More >>

3 Reasons Why Organic SEO is Not Enough to Increase ROI

The world has officially entered a new era in product/service advertising. In order to remain relevant in today's dynamic business environment, a highly functional website with abundant search engine optimization (SEO) has become a standard tool for drawing customers, especially for e-commerce...Read More >>

How to use Keyword Research for Successful Content Marketing Campaigns

In today's online marketing environment, the marketing content found on any company's website has become the single most important factor is determining how successful a company's marketing campaign is going to be. It holds the key to helping potential customers/clients find the business through a...Read More >>

How will Predictive Search Change SEO?

As advancements in technology and innovation continue to change the ways people interact with the Internet, it often changes the way prior innovations are being used. Such is the case with "predictive search" and the way it is changing how website developers use search engine optimization (SEO) in...Read More >>

Analyze and Improve Your SEO Campaigns with Google Webmaster Tools

The Google Webmaster Tools suite is one of the best tools available for tracking SEO campaigns, analyzing results, and optimizing your efforts for maximum return-on-investment (ROI) – and it’s absolutely free. This powerhouse toolset allows you to view your website through the eyes of...Read More >>