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DigitalEYE Interviews Zaibatsu (Reg Saddler) on Digg’s Redesign, User Revolt and The Future of Social Media

DigitalEYE had a chance to interview Zaibastu (Reg Saddler), a heavily influential social media expert who has over 100,000 followers on Twitter and has made a huge impact user news submitted sites such as Digg.  We discussed the new Digg redesign, user revolts and the future of Social Media...Read More >>

SEO Steve Launches Blog Marketing Toolkit


Last Thursday, our great friend and colleague Steve Wiideman, SEO Expert, has announced the launch of his new project Blog Marketing Toolkit. With the promise of "turbo-charging" your marketing, Steve provides an invaluable education for members, including tutorials on SEO, pay-per-click...Read More >>

SEO Benchmarks and KPI


by Elisa Gabbert - Sometimes a basic, free keyword suggestion tool just isn't enough. If you're ready to move beyond the limited functionality of most online tools to do more in-depth keyword research for SEO and pay-per-click campaigns, here are five advanced keyword research...Read More >>