Client hired Digital EYE Media to engage in Organic Local SEO only. They declined recommendations to engage in content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and paid search marketing so results are a reflection of an Organic, Local SEO campaign only.


The client came to Digital EYE Media with the desire to rank for local keyword search for the 45 car models that they rented out in fourteen different locations. The problem was that not only did they have no presence for any of these keywords in the fourteen cities, but also they did not even rank for their own brand name. Finally, the client did not want to engage in any additional forms of digital marketing and wanted to gain traction by focusing on Organic Local SEO only.


Digital EYE Media performed substantial competitor and industry research to create a winning strategy to increase visibility in the Google search results. We than created unique and high quality content to optimize the website for each car model in all fourteen locations. The campaign focused on local business listings to create an authoritative local presence for the company. We focused on creating as superior of a user experience for our site as possible by optimizing the design with the conversion team.


The campaign just from month 3 to month 13 (shown in the charts below) resulted in a 746% increase in organic traffic, which generated 4,710 leads from the website. The client had a 40% closing rate of website leads and an average order value of $345. Over a thirteen-month time period, the campaign costs of $4,000/month for a total of $52,000 resulted in $750,000 in revenue generated from the website and a total return on investment of over 14 to 1.


The above chart represents year over year website traffic from the time frame October 12, 2011 to October 11, 2012 and compares it to October 12, 2013 to October 11, 2014. The organic SEO campaign started in July of 2013 and you can see a spike in traffic starting in October of 2013, only three months later. A total increase in traffic over this time period was 444% for the year from total traffic and 746% increase for the year in organic traffic.


The above chart represents the same year over year time period for total lead forms submitted from the website. The website received a total of 22 leads from October of 2011-2012 and a total of 4,710 from October 2013-2014, more than a 21,300% increase in leads.