BOA USA is an active wear brand that focuses on providing both men and woman with creative running apparel that helps them stand out in style. BOA was seeing great success in their corporate B2B customer base and wanted to expand this success into the B2C market. There was only one problem…their website was old, outdated and needed a new look to help them surpass other innovative running apparel brands online.


With an outdated website that was over 7 years old and not responsive, BOA was losing out on potential new customers that were not finding the site when searching from their mobile devices or leaving due to a poor customer experience when finding the site via desktop.

From a design stand point, the site looked very old and displayed apparel product imagery on manikins so their customers couldn’t experience what any of the running apparel actually looked like on a real human body. There was also no way for customers to view style guides, ask questions about specific products or provide user generated feedback on how the apparel fit them.

The site was not optimized for SEO and was on an outdated shopping cart that had poor revenue tracking as well as required them to hire an in house developer to make even the smallest changes such as updating content or product photography on the website.

The BOA team was constantly feeling the pain of the website not keeping up with the company growth so the time came to move on and partner with Digital EYE Media to create a new and modern design aesthetic for their customers as well as put the website on an Ecommerce platform that was very user-friendly for the internal team to make new product updates within minutes to the site.


Upon review of the current pain points, wants and needs of the BOA team, Digital EYE Media made new recommendations aimed to take the digital presence of the BOA USA website to new heights. We started by choosing a stable backbone with the SEO-Cart Ecommerce platform that focused on improving the SEO structure of the new website as well as allow the client to easily make website updates in the content management system without having to know how to code at all.

We then updated the site architecture of the site with a new sitemap and improved the layout of the home, product landing and single pages to capture the new product imagery and leverage the site to sell a feeling that runners can become empowered to run freely while wearing the BOA USA active wear apparel. Featuring the new, custom lifestyle and product photography on a clean, white background really helped the site pop and stand out. The updated user navigation and filtering helped allow the user to identify by gender, apparel they were looking for, price, size or review ratings which improved the user shopping experience while on the site.

To increase website visitors and potential customers coming to the site we fully optimized the site for search with a series of SEO and Social Media enhancements as well as added a company blog. This would allow new information to be published on an ongoing basis increasing the educational and lifestyle content on the site creating more opportunities for new customers to find the site through search on Google and social media channels when other users shared engaging content.


The overall company website traffic has improved in all categories from organic, to direct traffic, to social media, to email, etc. However, to illustrate our direct efforts, we will look at the company website results reflected in Google Analytics in three different time periods for organic search only.

Analyzing 2 months before to 2 months after the new website launch:BOA - 2 Month Post Launch

The first time period we would like to review is the two months prior to the new website launch compared to the two months after the new website launch. Reviewing this time period will directly depict the exact impact that the SEO on page website optimization had on the new website launch. So many companies launch a new website and upon launch realize they lose 20-40% of their website traffic because it wasn’t done correctly. Having a proven process to optimize a new website and correctly implementing that process is one of the most underrated components of a new website.

The power of this process is depicted in the following results. In the 2-month period after the launch of the new BOAUSA.com website, organic website traffic was up a compelling 31% and new users that had now discovered the site were up 25% compared to the two months before the launch. Remember, there was no ongoing optimization performed in the two months following the website launch, only SEO Set Up which optimized the site to be ready to start doing SEO focusing on the site architecture, permalinks, previous site migration, social sharing and much more.

Analyzing 2 months after the new website launch to the same 2 month period the previous year:BOA - 15' to 14'

It is important for an Ecommerce site to take any seasonality factors in website traffic into consideration. Therefore, we also analyzed the 2 month period after the website launch compared to the same two month period the previous year.

We still saw a 24% increase in organic traffic comparing the 2 months after the new website launched to the same two month period in the previous year. Other important, notable factors include a decrease in the site bounce rate (number of people who didn’t visit a second page) by 33%. Also, the average number of pages visitors viewed increased by 32% and the average time visitors stayed on the site increased by 42%.

Analyzing 2 months after the new website launch to the last two months to dateBOA 16' to 14':

Anyone familiar with the search industry knows that achieving successful results in SEO is typically a long-term process. In this case, although the client chose not to proceed with an ongoing SEO campaign, they are still experiencing continued improvement from organic search solely from the optimization set up we conducted prior to launch of the new site. In this third and final time period, we analyzed the two months following the website launch to the last two months to date so that we could understand the long-term impact the SEO Set Up has had on the company website.

Upon review, it is clear that after almost 2.5 years the website traffic in this 2 month time frame is up over 247% compared to the 2 month time frame following the website launch. Yes, that’s not a typo. It's a 247% increase in organic traffic (without doing an ongoing SEO campaign). This is a clear illustration how important it is to work with an industry leading digital agency to launch a new company website the right way.