This Helmet Speaker client looked to take blue tooth technology to the next level through custom, hand crafted product design. The client wanted to take advantage of the popularity in America’s Favorite sport of football and introduce their first bluetooth speaker hand crafted product line in this market. Introducing this new product line would start with the college market of NCAA football and then transition into the NFL. The client partnered with Digital EYE Media to create a compelling digital presence and bring their product design to life through a new company website.


The client approached a partnership with Digital EYE in the prelaunch phase so at this time there was no design aesthetic or brand guidelines established for this new brand. Not only was the client entering into a new, highly competitive market of NCAA football, but we had no established design or photography assets to work with.

Despite the product line only being in the prototype phase, the client wanted to launch the new website prior to the final product line going into production to be able to take Ecommerce pre-orders and help fund manufacturing costs. The client also had to secure all proper NCAA licenses prior to providing design approval. Finally, the time frame for creation of all creative assets and the company website was put on a rush project of an extremely short one month total time frame.


In order to meet this short time frame, we needed to have all team members work intelligently, efficiently and no deadlines could afford to be missed so we were working overtime to make this happen. The design aesthetics we created first started with a full day photo shoot to take new, custom photography to be used on the website. Since we only had working prototypes for a few team helmets to work with, we would have to turn to technology of designing computer generated imagery for the rest of the NCAA teams.

The graphic design team created a 3D Model for the bluetooth football helmet which was then leveraged to create the custom CG imagery in different angles for the rest of the NCAA team product lines. We combined these different design elements with a clean and modern website to really make the product photography and CG imagery pop on the site to compel action of product purchases from website visitors.