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How to Use Event Marketing to Build Your Business

Thanks to social media and mobile apps, the plain Jane local promotional event is so yesterday. Today's events can happen anywhere and in nearly any medium - literally. While some marketers are turning themselves inside out to offer an "event within an event" for their brand's next...Read More >>

How to Use Event Marketing to Build Your Business

Event marketing is one of the foundational tools in any skilled marketer's toolkit. And today there are more avenues than ever before to host events - online as well as offline. As well, event marketing costs have done a sharp nosedive with the advent of the online event, while the number of such...Read More >>

How is Your Business Marketing on Social Media

Social media began as a tool for ordinary people to have a place to share and connect with friends online. Some online bulletin boards and portals were more successful than others. By the beginning of the 21st century, Facebook, LinkedIn and then Twitter launched, and today these sites and...Read More >>

Visual Content’s Importance in Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you are like most people today, you decide whether to open a magazine based entirely on how compelling the cover photo is. Translate that to the online world, and it is easy to see why more than 700 million photos are uploaded daily on Facebook and Snapchat alone! The importance of your...Read More >>

LinkedIn Marketing: Keep it Engaging and Active

LinkedIn is a unique animal in the greater sphere of social media platforms. Apart from its unique status of being one of the first social platforms to launch that is still going strong today, LinkedIn also brings to the table its own singular business-to-business focus. This can make using...Read More >>