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How to Add a Custom Tab to a Facebook Fan Page


Published: May 7, 2010

People often ask how to rename the page tabs on their facebook fan pages. Unfortunately, this functionality does not currently work. Facebook used to have this feature but it hasn’t worked since the last update.

You can, however, use the fbml application to create a custom box that is used as a tab. The tab will be whatever you name it, such as Welcome or Services, and that tab will contain whatever data you included in that fbml box.

1.  Install the Static FBML application on your fan page.
2.  Select the link that says ‘Add to My Page’.
3. Go to the main page and click on Edit page
4. Select the FBML application and click on the pencil icon to begin editing the page.
5. Name the box and add your html or text. Then save the changes. By default this will be a new box or your boxes tab.

6. Go page to the Edit page that lists all of your applications. Locate the fbml box that you just created and select Application Settings under the pencil icon.


7. Click on remove to get rid of the box and then click on add to convert the new box into a tab. Then click on ‘Okay’.


8. You will have a new custom tab with the content that you added to the FBML box.
9. Unfortunately, you can’t add more fbml boxes to the custom tab so everything you want under this tab needs to be contained in that one box.
10. If you want to make more custom boxes or tabs, edit the fbml box that you have already made and then scroll to the bottom of the page. Here is where you can add more boxes – a new browser tab or window will be opened to do this. Once you use fbml for the first time, it no longer looks like the application is available and people think they can only use one box. It’s just that the application is replaced by the boxes that you make and at the bottom of the edit screen is where you can create more of them. I don’t know why that it but it’s super confusing


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