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Alex Kim


Alex Kim is an experienced IT and Technical Manager and brings over 12 years experience as Chief Technology Officer and Liferay Architect. Alex’s emphasis on improving IT capabilities, streamlining efficiencies within the organization and reducing overall operational cost makes Alex a valuable team member. Alex stays on the cutting edge of development by embracing new technology platform challenges, learning cutting edge techniques and attending the latest technology symposiums.

As Head of IT for Cisco South Korea, Alex was responsible for deploying and maintaining the countries network infrastructure. Alex worked directly with RIM Blackberry and Apple’s iPhone division to negotiate with mobile carriers throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Alex was also responsible for all IT related issues for Cisco’s South Korea division, reporting directly to the country manager and responsible for the health and operations of the Cisco Network in South Korea. He successfully deployed the first Blackberry devices in China, Japan, and South Korea. Alex also worked on similar deployments for emerging markets, like Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Central America.

Alex’s client experience includes work for NASA, JPL, Cisco, and the WISDM Portal for the US Navy and Raytheon. Alex architected and developed Raytheon‘s Missile Systems’ collaboration portal in SAP Netweaver. This system would integrate multiple backend systems and provide a secure portal for both Raytheon and the U.S. Navy. As the Web Technology Manager for Raytheon, Alex kept the organization current by seeking cutting edge technology to expand the business and support their customer base.

Alex has also built custom software to monitor and track spacecraft debris. Software was developed in Matlab and used for the Mars Rover Missions for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. This experience also includes development and implementation of an automated system to measure and determine the locations of low earth orbit satellites. Software utilizes the Orbit determination process developed at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Alex specializes in enterprise portal architecture, enterprise content management, social networking, business development and client enterprise web solutions utilizing technology platforms such as Liferay enterprise portals, Alfresco enterprise content management, Drupal and WordPress content management solutions, and iOS mobile applications.

Today, Alex manages the technology team at Digital EYE Media to support all digital marketing initiatives including web development and deployment, iOS mobile applications and more.