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13 Questions to Get your Digital Marketing Strategy Back On Track

In order for your business to become successful or continue success, you have to make certain that your digital marketing strategy is on track. Listed below are 13 questions to ask yourself about your campaign: Is your website up to date? While you've been busy planning new marketing strategies,...Read More >>

Kick-ass Influencer Outreach Strategies For Any Business Niche

It's an unescapable truth that if you want people to find you online, then you'll need the louder voice of a well-known leader to back you up. You can only accomplish this feat with a kick-ass influencer-outreach strategy. Tami Iseli from explains in a nutshell why...Read More >>

How To Avoid An Embarrassing Automated-Tweet Fail With Useful Tips

Before you get excited about saving lots of time using automated tweets or autoresponder applications, you need to understand the additional risks that come with using them in the first place. A tweet that comes out at the wrong time or in the wrong context can severely damage your company's...Read More >>

Are New Facebook Storefronts Good for Your Business?

Wouldn't it be nice if Facebook's paid-advertisement traffic to your business page could lead more directly to sales? Now it can. On September 16, 2015, Shopify announced their new partnership with Facebook to create a new "Shop" section on Facebook Pages that's directly on your business page...Read More >>

Back to Basics: 10 Expert SEO Tips For Your Website

The most visible businesses succeed well in two areas: They not only put their resources into improving their search engine ranking, but they also provide convincing pitches to prospective customers that arrive on their website. If you're a new business, it might feel too overwhelming to compete...Read More >>

How To Optimize Infographics for Best SEO Results

Now that you've created a potent infographic that tells your story within a 30-second glance, how can you make sure that search engines will actually find your epic infographic? The infographic's visual appeal is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because people love sharing...Read More >>

Boost Customer Communication With Facebook’s New Messaging Options For Business

On August 5, 2015, Facebook launched a new feature called "pages messaging." This special feature for Facebook business pages now allows anyone to send private messages directly to a company through the company's Facebook advertisements that appear on the news feed, making these online promotions...Read More >>

Why It’s Time To Add Click-to-Call To Your SEO Strategy

These days and times, consumers are looking for the fastest route to anything and everything. So, when it comes to click-to-call, if you're website doesn't offer it, you'll likely lose out, and here's why: Click-to-call, introduced by Google, makes it so simple, quick, and convenient for a...Read More >>

Why You Need To Keep Up With The Explosive Growth Of Wearable Tech

[caption id="attachment_6387" align="aligncenter" width="797"] Tim Cook - Apple Keynote[/caption] Currently, wearable technologies are becoming a new, exciting subject around high-tech industries, and the excitement is trickling down to many business industries throughout the world. Many...Read More >>

How To Dig Up the Best Content Topics for C-Suite Executives

In order to select the most interesting and engaging topics for "C-suite" level executives, you've got to get inside their heads as much as possible. You will fail to attract the attention of corporate leaders with your content if you're so busy promoting yourself that you don't connect with their...Read More >>