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How to Get More Traffic to Your Facebook Page

Published: January 13, 2016

Facebook is still the reigning champ of social media, with more active users and daily activity than any other social media platform. This is good news in the sense that the folks you want to attract to your own Facebook page are probably already on Facebook even as we speak. The bad news is that you have a lot of competition for the specific sets of eyes you want to attract.

In this post, learn specific strategies to generate better traffic to your Facebook page.



Cross Promote Your Facebook Page on Your Other PlatformsCross Promote Your Content and Profile

Whether you are just launching your Facebook page or you are already active on Facebook, you can use your networks on other social media platforms to build the visibility of your Facebook page.

Why does this work? According to recent research, more than half of Facebook users also have at least two other social media accounts. So if you are not connected on Facebook yet, you can use your social media connection elsewhere to make the connection on Facebook as well.

Also, now that Facebook has bought Instagram (for a cool 1 billion dollars), this automatically makes Instagram a great platform from which to attract new views for your Facebook page as well. Plus, nearly half of all millennial use Instagram regularly and half of those visit Instagram daily.



Add Facebook Share and Like Buttons to Your Website & Blog

Facebook itself is so aware of how many people use its platform to get their daily news that they are now promoting themselves as such by featuring trending news stories in the right-hand sidebar.

So if you want to build your Facebook audience, you need to make sure they have a way to share your interesting website content and blog posts right from your outside pages to their own Facebook pages.

By providing a link to “like” your Facebook page as well, you can ensure you remain connected to web and blog visitors on Facebook in the future.



Launch a Facebook Ad CampaignUsing Facebook Ads to Campaign

Facebook ads are among the most affordable of all online ad platforms. You can set your own daily budget down to the penny. You can also set your own highly specific audience demographics, design your own ad graphics and track the performance of each graphic in each ad campaign you launch. And you can tweak your ad mid-campaign to optimize future results.

This is why one of the hands-down best ways to generate traffic to your Facebook page is to use Facebook ads.



Use Facebook’s Analytics via Page Insights

Page Insights is the tool Facebook provides to help page owners analyze which posts are generating the most interest.

But Page Insights also highlights the habits of your user group so you can time your visits to your Facebook page to coincide with when your fans visit. But even while you are new to building your Facebook page traffic, you will be reassured to know that Facebook users are by far the most engaged among all social media users. Many spend an hour or more on Facebook daily and visit the site multiple times per day. This gives you a lot of leeway to experiment with posting content to see when your “likes” and shares jump the most.



Start or Join a Facebook GroupThere's A Facebook Group for Everything

Are you a fan of mini-Island hopping? Well if you are, there’s probably a Facebook group for that. In fact, we gander that if you can think of it, there is probably a Facebook Group for it. Whether you choose to launch your own Facebook group, join an existing group or do both, there is a lot to recommend this strategy as a way to build traffic back to your own Facebook page as well.

For instance, Facebook gives you the option of keeping your group public, making it private (approval required) or closing it to newcomers. So you can use a public or private group to make new connections and a closed group to nurture those connections through focus groups, chat groups, A/B testing groups and other types of conversations.

Example: One great way to use Facebook Groups is for customer support so your customers can get support in near real-time via trained moderators.



Include Facebook in Your Email Marketing

Recent studies show that using Facebook in conjunction with email marketing improves the results for both.

Example: Provide a Facebook “share” and “Like” link or icon in each email you send out. Post invitations on Facebook to gather email addresses in exchange for coupons or freebies.

If you have a robust email list group, you can really use this to your advantage to generate more traffic to your Facebook page. By offering an incentive just for “liking” your Facebook page, you can enjoy a swift jump in page traffic every time you send out an email. Some people are intimidated by the process of adding buttons and links into their email. If this sounds like you or someone you know it might be best to find a trustworthy company to assist you in your email campaigning.



Incorporate Videos Onto Your Facebook Page4 Billion Videos are Watched on Facebook Daily

Facebook itself endorses the use of videos to boost traffic to your Facebook page. An estimated four billion videos are watched via Facebook’s platform daily. Video ads are also on the rise (see earlier section on using Facebook’s ad campaign feature).

In fact, Facebook’s COO, “Lean In” author Sheryl Sandberg, endorses the use of video for Facebook marketers. The main challenge is to select engaging, shareable content for your videos.

Here are tips for making sure your video performs to its best on Facebook:

  • Embed the video in your blog or web page.
  • Share the video to and from other social media platforms.
  • Be sure to add a link in the video description.
  • Choose a relevant, viral title for your video.
  • Select a compelling image for your video thumbnail.
  • Include a CTA (call to action).


These seven tips each have the potential to take your Facebook page traffic from flat-lined to fantastic in a matter of days or weeks. The key is to try to work on your Facebook traffic a little each day until your page begins to generate its own momentum.


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