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How Mobile Live Streaming Apps Can Help Blow Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

Published: August 21, 2015

Mobile live-streaming apps can give you an edge in content marketing by adding new dimensions to your content that make your brand message truly come alive and grab the attention of more readers. Here we’ll look at the two most popular live-stream apps, Periscope and Meerkat, to discover how they work and how their powerful marketing potentials help your company’s fanbase explode.

How-to Use Mobile Live-Streaming Apps to Boost Your Fanbase:

1. Mobile live-streaming apps promote audience engagement better.

It’s a well-established fact that videos drive audience engagement and content sharing.

For example, Liraz Margalit wrote in an article for “Entrepreneur” online that “According to a recent study by Usurv, if you want visitors to your site to share and interact with your content, delivering it via video is the best way to go. Consumers are 39 percent more likely to share content if it’s delivered via video, and 36 percent more likely to comment and 56 percent more likely to give that video a coveted ‘like.'”

What makes a social, live-streaming recording so much more appealing than edited and scripted videos is its unpredictable and interactive nature that includes the viewers directly in your experience. Live footage expands your audience reach to take your marketing campaign a big step further by effectively making the audience an integral part of your presentation. That means you don’t need to hope for more people to engage in your content anymore — with live streaming, you’ve already engaged the audience as soon as you start filming because they’re excited to have a voice in your show.

Here’s a summary of how it works:

Matthew Toren from “Entrepreneur” explains that both the apps Meerkat and Periscope ” … allow users to log in, start a stream and instantly broadcast their mobile video globally to any other users with the app. What’s more, both systems automatically link to your Twitter account and announce to the Twittersphere when you’re live streaming. That means a built-in following for you and a powerful, free social marketing tool.”

Plus, he continues by saying, “Both Meerkat and Periscope … allow you to search for users and topics within the apps and allow users to comment and share enthusiasm for live streams while they’re in progress.” These apps make you an authoritative field reporter who can give the the world a close-up look at your company and answer online viewer’s questions in real-time … with endless possibilities.

Here’s how top-media sources are capitalizing on live streams so far:

Meerkat VS Periscope

2. Responsive, live films appeal more to younger generations.

In a comparison study on Instagram video, “41 percent of Instagram users are aged between 16-24 and 35 percent are between 25-34 [Digital Information World],” according to Jarrang Limited. Therefore, any company that’s marketing to these age groups can especially benefit from live-video streams.

3. Top influencers on live-stream networks can broadcast live product reviews for you.

Smaller companies who are building up their brand reputations can select the most-popular streamers to review their products live. If the reviewer agrees to receive a free sample of your product and genuinely likes it, then they can broadcast their opinions to all of their followers. This kind of promotion boosts an audience and promotes your content very quickly.

4. Mobile live streams build brand loyalty by encouraging customers to get to know you more personally, which also builds a certain level of trust that leads to better business relationships.

Andreea Cojocariu, Senior Digital Marketing Advisor of describes how “Your audience wants to connect with a person, not a corporation. You want to be genuine and ‘human’ so your audience can relate.”

5. Live streams help create more links to your landing pages.

The Small Business Trends website reported in August 2015 that “Meerkat allows you to natively send people to landing pages after a stream. This is an amazing tool to drive traffic to your website, blog article or other social media streams.”

6. Live streams integrate well with your existing content-marketing strategies.

The questions that your audience asks you while streaming can give you hot new topics that you can post about in other social media channels and on your website. Plus, you can live-stream a podcast or other interviews that you’ve already scheduled to reach more people.

In short,’s infographic sums it up best in their survey of what people love most about live-streaming apps, so you should keep these points in mind when you start creating your own gripping media channel!

Periscope and Meerkat


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