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Brighten Your Holiday Marketing with Photography


Published: December 24, 2015

Photography can give your marketing a helpful leg up at any time of year, but during the holidays there is no substitute for the visual appeal that a well-placed photo can bring. However, there are certain keys to making the most of photography’s power to give your holiday marketing campaign extra staying-power.

In this post, learn expert tips to brighten up your holiday marketing with photography!



Tip #1: Keep Holiday Colors and Themes General.

Multi-holiday Insta Pic

Unless your company specifically markets products or services that only appeal to a certain faith discipline, try to keep your holiday photography as general as possible to include followers from many different faith backgrounds.


Why this works: An estimated 90 percent of all communicated information is translated not in words, but in pictures!



Tip #2: Maximize the Use of Photo-Centric Social Media.

Instagram is a slam-dunk choice for photo-centric holiday marketing, as is Pinterest. As luck would have it, both support instant sales from within the feeds themselves! This means you can’t go wrong posting photos featuring your products or services in holiday settings!


Why this works: An estimated 65 percent of all holiday shoppers turn to social feeds for holiday gift-giving inspiration!

Digital Eye Media Holiday Logo Example


Tip #3: Spruce up Your Company Logo.

Ordinarily, changing brand colors is off limits. But during the holidays you have free reign to give even the staunchest and most stoic of brand logos a bit of holiday flair. For companies with an international clientele in particular, this is a great way to communicate a sense of the holiday spirit without venturing into the sensitive realms of diverse faith backgrounds.


Why this works: It shows a little bit more of the “personal” side of your business – something social media also thrives on because it helps your followers bond with you over shared interests.



Tip #4: Create a Photo-Based Gift Idea Resource.

If there is one thing nearly all of us share in common during the holidays, it is the race to find the perfect gift for each person on our list. Since many shoppers do turn to photos (especially on social media) for inspiration, give them what they want in simple eye-popping shop-worthy images!


Why this works: The holidays can quickly get complicated. Photography simplifies things. A great well-placed photo can quickly answer the toughest question (i.e. “What do I get for the most difficult-to-buy-for person on my list?) and create a new happy loyal customer to boot.


Tip #5: Demo Your Products with a Bit of Creative Holiday Photography.

Pinterest is a particular haven for the crafty minded and the do-it-yourself crowd, but the average social media platform has enough header room to permit you to stretch your creative photography wings a bit….or a lot. So why not showcase some of the neat things your products can do or the cool ways they can be used, all set against a holiday backdrop?

Easy easter backdrop

Why this works: Some people come by creativity naturally while others need to learn how to be creative. By combining photography with a creative little “how to” lesson, you communicate both in a festive and timely setting.


Tip #6: Tell Your Brand’s Story in Pictures.

You have the chance to connect with many new prospective customers during the holiday season – more, in fact, than at all other times of the year combined. Photos help you quickly communicate the essence of what your brand and your company is. Often expecting prospects to read even one line of text can be highly unrealistic.


Why this works: Because 93 percent of the country’s most experienced marketers say it works!



Tip #7: Select One Photo to Be Your Seasonal Mainstay.

By selecting one single image to serve as your holiday “brand stand-in,” so to speak, you can craft an entire mini-campaign and mini-brand story just for your holiday marketing. You can then subtly or dramatically change up this image as the days count down, one by one.


Why this works: Social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram particularly favor this type of photo-centric approach – in fact, the constant updating in photography trends is a main attraction for users of each platform.


Tip #8: Encourage Your Network to Share Their Own Holiday Photos!Stay connected with holiday contests

If there is one thing everyone wants during the holidays, it is a chance to get more for less. So why not run a promotion, contest or giveaway with a holiday photograph theme? You could ask followers to submit their own holiday themed photos while using your products, or ask followers to re-share your holiday photos, create a customized hashtag, or some combination of these ideas. Either way, you will gain quite a collection of festive holiday photos and followers eager to share and be shared!


Why this works: As the plethora of reality t.v. shows proves, very few of us don’t crave our own personal 15 minutes of fame. And customers whose photos are selected to be featured will surely share the news far and wide!



Tip #9: Set Your Business up for Future Holiday Marketing Success.

Whether you are marketing an online-only business or a brick-and-mortar store, there are ways to maximize the appeal of your company in pictures. This free checklist can help you think through the best way to capture your brand’s holiday spirit on film so your customers will quickly see it too.


Why this works: Google believes holiday photos help sell holiday gifts – so much so that it created a special holiday marketing section called “Window Shopping Starts Online” to guide small business owners and entrepreneurs in basic holiday photo how-to techniques.



By incorporating these nine tips into your existing holiday marketing campaign plans, you can improve customer engagement and make a memorable first impression on new soon-to-be customers!


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