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Google Updates Maps for iPhone for Faster Local Service


Published: March 7, 2013

One of the best things to happen to iPhone 5 may have been the improved Google Maps app and now Google is making the much-loved app even better. A new update has been released that promises to make finding local places faster and easier. It is also offering an integration to Google contacts so local friends can be found as well. The update has been released by Google as the company continues to make Google Maps comprehensive, accurate, and useful for users all over the world. In 2012 when Apple tried to put out its own map app with the iPhone 5 release, it quickly received poor reviews from users. Fortunately, a Google Map app for iPhone 5 was released shortly after the phone debuted and over the last few months, iPhone 5 users have been giving the app rave reviews. This latest feature will allow the app to become more personalized while also helping users find the best local places to dine, shop, and explore.

The update can easily be done by visiting the Apple apps store and within a few minutes, users will find new icons for restaurants, coffee shops, and other places that can be found with a quick and simple tap. If users are in a rush to get a quick cup-of-joe, the closest coffee shop can be found by tapping the search box and then tapping the coffee icon. The closest coffee shop will quickly appear on the map and users can even set the distance in kilometers or miles. They can even connect the map app with Google contacts to find a friend nearby to meet up with at the coffee shop.

With user-friendly maps, street shots, call options, and share capabilities, Google Maps is continuing to stay in the lead when it comes to effective and efficient mapping for many iPhone users. Although the latest update was optimized for iPhone 5 users, it is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, as well as the iTouch and iPad as long as iOS 5.1 or later is being used on the device. Since the update is available on a multitude of devices, users can access the app on their phone or on another device over a wi-fi connection.

The latest update shows that Google is listening to the people who use the map app on Apple devices and striving to make connecting with friends and local restaurants, stores, and unique places both easy and fast. By having the app sync with personal Google contacts, users can also experience a more customized mapping app on their Apple devices. Google Maps will likely continue to grow in popularity and continue to listen to users and implement improvements to the app to make it work well with a variety or people all over the world.


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