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Can Consumer Brands Benefit from A Local Mobile Marketing Strategy?


Published: June 27, 2013

Mobile marketing and locally targeted search are taking over the digital climate, offering consumers and searchers an experience that combines their love for mobile devices with a more tailored experience. In addition to affecting search, localized mobile marketing also plays an important role in the purchasing decisions of consumers.

Knowing how to keep up with consumers in a growing and changing retail climate can be as simple and understanding their changing habits and meeting transforming needs so that when a consumer is searching for one’s service or product, they are able to find that specific business that can meet their needs and offer solutions to their problems.

Physical Locations Vs. Online Retailers
Regardless of what type of business, consumers are continuing to look online to research, compare and buy from businesses, making online shopping and mobile marketing increasingly important to a company’s bottom line.

Studies have shown that consumers are beginning to make buying decisions based on more than traditional shopping methods. In contrast, there are new factors associated with a product or service’s online presence that can greatly influence buying decisions. Reviews, ratings, and comparison shopping are all important factors that can sway buying decisions, even when they are shopping products right within a store or establishment. Comparing other offerings at different companies or looking through ratings while shopping for a specific product may encourage buyers to purchase right from the store they are in or continue to look elsewhere.

By offering a product and making sure it is stocked an available for buyers, businesses can help fill many of the voids that could prompt a consumer to look elsewhere and purchase from another business that is able to meet their needs. Saving consumers time and effort by highlighting the availability of a product before that buyer ever steps in the store to make a purchase is becoming a very important tool that marketers are able to leverage. While getting a consumer into a physical location by highlighting the availability of a product right from a website, consumers may make additional purchases once they arrive at an establishment for a particular item.

Providing more and more data for consumers searching the web more information regarding a product or service is becoming more and more important. By not providing such information, another company may gain a greater amount of authority and ultimately, win the sale. While showing up in consumer search using localized, mobile results is important. It is equally important to answer the questions that consumers have, as they become more accustomed to having their problems and questions answered by results on the web. Saving consumers time and money and increasing efficiency highlights a growing business that will continue to meet the changing needs of buyers as technology improves and they way they shop evolves simultaneously.


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