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30 Ways To Get More Targeted Traffic

Published: November 16, 2015

In today’s highly competitive global e-marketplace, it is not enough simply to generate inbound traffic to your website. You need the right traffic. This list provides 30 surefire ways to generate that traffic!

1. Facebook!
Facebook still holds the lion’s share (at 45.6 percent) of social media-based traffic generated online today – which means you need to be there.

2. HARO (Help a Reporter Out).
HARO is a free service that exists to match reporters with interview subjects.

help a reporter out HARO

3. Start a group or forum.
Moderating a group or forum can be a great way to learn what is being discussed in your industry and ensure your voice is heard.

group forum


4. Use SEO.
Search Engine Optimization is alive and kicking – and you can use it to your advantage just about everywhere you go online. Use Google’s free Keyword Planner Tool to generate keywords and phrases that most closely correspond to your target market, then include them in ads, blog posts and web pages.


5. Cross-link to complementary content.
The more you cross-link to complementary content you find online, the more likely you are to get some of their inbound traffic headed your way as well.

Cross Linking

6. Blog for an online authority in your field.
When you blog for an authority in your industry, you can count on attracting some new online attention.

neil patel blog

7. Get your community to do the heavy lifting.
By offering an incentive (anything from recognition to freebies) you can get your network to spread the word about you for free.

free stuff

8. Create Podcasts.
Creating a podcast is a great method of distributing your ideas and creating a following of like minded fans!

Create Podcasts


9. Become an avid YouTube-r.
Google-owned YouTube’s videos and video-podcasts still drive nearly 3 percent of all inbound referrals.

youtube videos

10. Start your own blog.
By using your keywords and posting at least once per week, you can start generating inbound traffic right away.

write a blog

11. List your blog with free online web tools.
Sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Alltop and Triberr can help you promote the content on your blog – all you have to do is register for a free account and submit your blog URL.


Image source: Stumbleupon

12. Social interaction (listening + talking).
By listening to what is being said about you and your competitors and responding, you can engage potential customers and direct them back to your site.

social listening

13. Google Adwords.
Google Adwords is no longer the only price-conscious game in town for targeted online advertising. But it is still one of the most effective.

Google Adwords

14. Facebook ads.
Facebook ads are popular because they let you set your own demographic. You can also set your own budget so you never overspend and can re-evaluate as you go.

Facebook Ads

15. Create customized landing pages.
If you do use paid ads to generate targeted traffic, you want to make sure that incoming traffic lands on exactly what you want them to see – this is the purpose of landing pages.

Landing Page Design

16. Create an email marketing list.
Email marketing is still one of the best ways to ensure the people who are most interested in your content receive it in a format that can come in above the online “noise.”

Email Markeing List

17. Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t.
If you are noticing that a particular avenue just isn’t bringing in the traffic, cut it loose so you can spend your precious time on other things!

what doesn't work


18. Be available to your online audience.
Whether through your social media profiles or on your blog, be sure to be present and available to build relationships by responding to questions and comments.

We're Available

19. Guest post.
By posting on someone else’s blog and then hosting them to post on your blog, you both double your prospective audience.

Guest Post

20. Become a regular on others’ blogs or social media feeds.
By regularly commenting on others’ content, you get noticed by other influencers and lead their communities back to your content.

Regular Contributor Here!

21. Use images wherever you can.
Photos provide a big boost to any content you want to promote, period.


22. Piggyback off of viral content.
If you write a post to comment on news that has gone viral, you have a chance to piggyback off of that content’s visibility to become more visible yourself.

Piggyback off of Viral Content!

23. Give stuff away.
Whether it is a free e-book to your new email list subscribers or free shipping to holiday shoppers, free stuff is an easy option for attracting folks who want what you have to offer.

Even More Free Stuff

24. Use Google Analytics.
By simply pasting a bit of code into your website, you get access to free, highly specific analytics to tell you where your inbound traffic is coming from.

Google Analytics

25. Write amazing headlines.
Your headline can make or break your bid to redirect online traffic your way. Be sure it is short, sweet and compelling.

Write Epic Headline!

26. Use your email signature.
Be sure you have a personalized signature for your emails and be sure that signature includes a link to your website.


27. Launch an affiliate program.
You may have to give up 40+ percent of your profits per sale, but you will increase your sales and your marketing reach online by launching an affiliate marketing program.

Launch Affiliate Program!

28. Update your content.
By updating statistics, graphics and strategies, you make sure that even older posts remain relevant and fresh.

Update Content!


29. Do at least one thing to generate targeted traffic daily.
Finally, while your to-do list is probably crowded with many different tasks, make time to do at least one thing each day to generate the targeted online traffic your company needs to grow and thrive!

grow traffic

30. Share your wisdom.
Finally, while your to-do list is probably crowded with many different tasks, make time to do at least one thing each day to generate the targeted online traffic your company needs to grow and thrive!  Slideshare is a great place to create information based content that will be shared across the web and establish you and a segment SME.


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