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A Quick How To Guide for Newly Launched Facebook Stories

It all Began With a Snap We've all seen the astounding success that Snapchat has had from their upstart to all the updated features we've come to know and expect today. In fact Instagram was so impressed that they rolled out their own version called Instagram Stories. When they first...Read More >>

How to Use Event Marketing to Build Your Business

Thanks to social media and mobile apps, the plain Jane local promotional event is so yesterday. Today's events can happen anywhere and in nearly any medium - literally. While some marketers are turning themselves inside out to offer an "event within an event" for their brand's next...Read More >>

How Candy Crush used Social Media to become Marketing Genius’

What gets played by 93 million people (mostly adults) every day and has an estimated net worth of $7.1 billion? If you answered "Candy Crush Saga," you are the lucky winner....sort of. According to Time magazine, the simple app-based game is so addictive people have forgotten to pick up...Read More >>

The Short Steps to Becoming an Industry Influencer

"I think I'll start a blog but I hope no one reads it," said no blogger, ever. Writers love readers the way marketers love industry influencers. If those influencers are actively wielding their influence via social media, even better. Of course, since every marketer on the planet wants to form...Read More >>

Snapchat Memories Spotlight Article

Discover Snapchat Memories! After a soft roll out announced early July 6th, Snapchat has officially rolled out 'Snapchat Memories' onto everyone's app (and chances are if you don't have it, you might be due for a software update!). Hopefully by now you have seen the Snapchat Memories feature on...Read More >>

InstaZoom Zoom Zoom: The Marketing Zoom

Yes it's True--Your Instagram Photos Can Now Zoom!   What is InstaZoom? Yesterday, August 31st 2016, Instagram began its soft roll of their latest update in a long line of newly launched features: Zoom. The ability to zoom is something users have been asking about for some time. And with...Read More >>

What Is Next for the Augmented Reality Mobile Market?

Pokemon Go: Fame, Future, and Fortune   With Pokemon Go raking in $1.6 million dollars daily on just in-app purchases it may comes as no surprise the stock for the app shot up—but then again maybe an 11 billion dollar increase in valuation may surprise you!   That’s...Read More >>

What Does SEO Really Mean in 2016?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, continues to be one of the best ways to promote a website. As has always been the case, effectively optimizing a site can dramatically boost its ranking on the search engine results pages, or SERPs. However, SEO looks a lot different today than it did just a year...Read More >>