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Build a More Profitable Brand by Marketing to Your Customer’s Emotions

There’s a tried and true adage from the advertising community that advises marketers to “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Sounds corny but it’s true. The majority of consumers don’t buy based on a rational evaluation of product features and benefits or even on the basis of the lowest...Read More >>

The Importance of A CEO to Social Media Marketing

The majority of consumers quite correctly identify the CEO as the highest authority in an organization, and they expect the “big boss” to take an active role in representing the company through social media. Consumers really don’t care how busy the CEO might be in managing the business –...Read More >>

The Role of Social Signals in Search Engine Ranking

While social signals such as shares, likes, and retweets do not directly influence the search engine algorithm, that doesn’t mean that social media activities have no impact on your search engine rankings. Confused? Blame it on Google. As far back as 2010, Google has been telling webmasters...Read More >>

Push Versus Pull: Choosing the Most Effective Marketing Strategy

Selecting the most effective strategy to engage and convert prospective customers is perhaps the most important decision you face in designing your company’s overall marketing program. The “push” strategy is the older and probably better known of the two basic marketing methods. This approach...Read More >>

Search or Display: Choosing the Best Google AdWords Venue for Your Campaign

Contrary to a popular misconception held by many marketers, AdWords is actually the name of Google’s paid advertising network which primarily consists of two distinct advertising venues: Google Search and the Google Display Network. Google Search (frequently misidentified as Google AdWords)...Read More >>

The 10 Best Free Content Syndication Tools

If you have truly great content on your blog that deserves a wider audience, content syndication could be the way to go. Syndication of your content simply means that you allow other sites to publish your material, giving you attribution as the creator. This has nothing to do with content scraping...Read More >>

Why Your B2B Marketing Campaign Isn’t Working

An estimated 50 percent of all B2B marketing campaigns fail to deliver the expected results because the message, offer, or technique was not matched with the correct audience. This is as inexcusable as it is preventable, and the underlying problem is usually a lack of proper planning....Read More >>

The Top 4 Inbound Marketing Myths

Inbound marketing is a strategy that brings in prospects to your particular brand who have indicated an interest in your product or service category. In essence, prospects are voluntarily opting in to hear your message. Various techniques are used to educate and inform prospects including search...Read More >>

4 Important Reasons for Localizing Your Marketing Campaigns

If your company is still undecided about adding a local element to your national or branded marketing campaign, it might be high time to climb down from the fence and reconsider your options. Local marketing is a powerful tool for generating more buzz about your marketing message at the exact...Read More >>

4 Ways to Improve Your SEO Rankings with Quality Content

While targeted buyer keywords and quality inbound links remain important factors in determining the success of your SEO campaign, they simply cannot do the job alone. Relevant high quality content is what users expect from the search results, and it’s one of the single most effective tools for...Read More >>